Setup Horovod and OpenMPI in Q Blocks Instance

Horovod is a free and open-source software framework for distributed deep learning training using TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet.

Horovod is hosted under the Linux Foundation AI.

Setting up Horovod in your Q Blocks instance is as simple as running a single bash command.

We have prepared a quick and easy to use bash script that installs and configures Horovod along with openMPI in your instance.

Horovod uses openMPI for message passing during the distributed training process.

Installation and setup will take anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

Follow the steps below for successful installation:

  1. Go to your Q Blocks instance and open the bash terminal in it.

  2. Run the following command:

wget --no-check-certificate -O - | sh

The above command would perform the following tasks:

  • Install any missing dependencies to build OpenMPI

  • Install OpenMPI

  • Install Horovod with support NCCL, Tensorflow and PyTorch

Installation can be verified by running the command:

horovodrun --help

If you face issues with the installation then reach out to us at

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